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“In this day and age, it’s hard to find an attorney you can trust. Jacqueline Kriebel at KRIEBEL LAW FIRM, PLLC was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of representation I received was outstanding. Thank you!”
- Andrea
“The level of service at KRIEBEL LAW FIRM, PLLC is fantastic. Having been a client for a couple years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank you!”
- William
"I met Jacqueline Kriebel at a business event a few years ago. We had a conversation about what to do if someone is pulled over by a police officer and questioned about alcohol. I am so glad we had that conversation because, a few months later, I was pulled over, questioned, and arrested for a DWI. Luckily, I knew from Jacqueline's advice to say NO to all the tests, especially the breathalyzer. I immediately hired Jacqueline who got my case DISMISSED!
- Roy Z.
"I retained Jacqueline Kriebel to represent me in my child custody and possession matters. I just wanted to spend more time with my daughter since the Mother was denying me visitation. Not only did I get more time with my daughter, I am now a joint managing conservator and neither parent is designated as having primary custody. I finally feel like I have equal rights with my daughter and can now focus on just being a great Dad! Thank you, Jacqueline!
- Chris
"When I first consulted with Jacqueline Kriebel, I was in tears and afraid for my children's and my future since my then soon-to-be-ex husband had unexpectedly served me with divorce papers, kept me from my children, and locked me out of our bank accounts. I didn't know what to do! A friend took me to meet Jacqueline at KRIEBEL LAW FIRM, PLLC. She explained to me how the divorce process works, what I could expect, and even how I should behave. Although divorce is very tough, it was bearable knowing I could trust Jacqueline no matter what drama was thrown at us. I am now in school, raising my kids, and focusing on my future. Thank you Jacqueline for helping me move on to the next chapter of my life!
"Thank you Jacqueline Kriebel at KRIEBEL LAW FIRM, PLLC for winning my DWI trial! The jury coming back in only 10 minutes to announce my DWI was incredible! You rock!"
"I met Jacqueline Kriebel at the courthouse. I was not represented by an attorney. We were about to have a hearing on child custody, child support and child visitation issues in front of a judge. The father of my child had an attorney on his side. I was scared. Jacqueline signed up to take my case on the spot. She was able to get my case settled without going in front of the judge. I am happy with the agreement we made because I trusted Jacqueline's advice and believe she was looking out for both mine and my child's best interests. Thank you Jacqueline!"
"Thank you Jacqueline Kriebel for representing me in my DWI and getting a NOT GUILTY!"
-Leo B.
"Jacqueline Kriebel came highly recommended to me when I needed an attorney for my son who was facing juvenile assault charges. From our first meeting, I immediately felt at ease. Jacqueline told me to place my worries and concerns with her. The DA was presenting the maximum imposed punishment of placement outside of the home even though this was my son's first case. Due to Jacqueline's intelligence, professional manner, and bulldog-like mentality, the judge agreed and ordered according to Jacqueline's proposal. Jacqueline personally fought for the welfare and best interest of my son. Today my son is happy and doing well.  Words will never be enough to express my gratitude toward Jacqueline. Without her, my son would undoubtedly have been unjustly placed in a facility outside of my home."
-Adrian C.
"I filed for my uncontested divorce last year, but the staff attorney's office was taking forever to process it. A friend referred me to Jacqueline Kriebel because she knew how frustrated I was with the process and how long it was taking. I desperately needed out of my toxic marriage. Within a week of contacting Jacqueline Kriebel, my divorce papers were completed and my divorce was granted! Jacqueline made the process so easy and stress free for me, which is saying a lot given that divorce isn't easy. I hope to never have to get another divorce, but if I do, I will definitely return to Jacqueline at KRIEBEL LAW FIRM, PLLC!"
-Mandi L.